Handwriting Help Testimonials

Christine Cridland has been so helpful for many of our students with weak fine motor skills, and difficulty with handwriting. Her screenings have been timely and informative for both faculty and parents. Christine develops an excellent rapport with students and helps strengthen each student's weakness in a fun and engaging way. Christine has given me very helpful articles to read as well as specific strategies to use with students. It is always a pleasure to refer parents to Christine, as I know their child will be in excellent hands.
- Resource Specialist, Alexandria Private school

Dear Christine,
I hope you and your family are well and enjoying the summer! I was just going through my son's end of the year work, and I had to share it with you. He is doing so well. I cannot thank you enough for all of the work you did with him to help prepare him for kindergarten. This is a kid who loves school, joined the art club (!), and has no memory of how hard he worked to get where he is. This would have been a very sad story without your amazing intervention, and we are so grateful.
- Mother of four year old, Alexandria, VA

Good morning, Mrs. Cridland!... Yes, I believe our student is ready to graduate! I am so pleased with his progress this year. Thank you for your help. You really are a miracle worker! They don't start cursive here until the middle of second grade, so time will tell as far as that goes. Have a blessed day!
- First Grade Teacher, Arlington, VA

I have noticed a marked improvement in handwriting. Good work. The primary writing demand is retrieval of information. [Our student] is an interesting kid--very smart with a mature vocabulary and incredible awareness of his weaknesses. His writing issues are not mechanical but rather being able to express all the ideas flying around in his head.
- Reading Specialist, Alexandria Private School

Hi Christine,
We have a very bright second grade student who may benefit from your services. We would like to know if you can evaluate him here at school during the day. I am a teacher at Burgundy Farm Country Day School. Last year one of my students did quite well with your assistance and I am looking to see if this student may be also be a good candidate for you. Thanks
- Second Grade Teacher, Private Alexandria School

It was a school assignment but he could write to anyone. I was so surprised that he had written that to me. I knew he really liked you - I have never seen him work so hard for anyone. You have the magic touch. I am so grateful that [my friend/past client] found you and recommended you. I wish I had done it so sooner.
- Mother of a Fifth grader, Alexandria, VA

Christine has worked with our family for four years now. When our children are in the process of acquiring new skills, she meets with them regularly. When they need refresher sessions, she has been flexible and able to accommodate their needs. Christine has always made the children's time with her fun and imaginative. She truly enjoys her students. As a parent, I have been able to learn a great deal from her. My children have received Occupational Therapy service and the work performed by those clinicians has been most meaningful. However, it is Christine as a Handwriting Specialist who actually taught then how to write and than has been invaluable. Thank you.
- Mom, Clinical Psychologist

Miss Cridland taught me how to write my name in print. She also taught me cursive. I learned a lot from her.
- Rising Third Grader, 8 years old

Miss Cridland taught me how to use a gripper and do exercises to warm up. I like that she is patient and understanding.
- Rising Third Grader, 8 years old