Handwriting Help Services

Handwriting Help Services

Handwriting Help Services

Private Tutoring

  • Summertime Students
  • School Year Students

Does your child or student struggle with handwriting difficulties that are affecting his or her development, school performance, confidence and success at school? Does this sound familiar?

  • A bright and verbal child with messy writing
  • A reluctant writer
  • A preschooler disinterested in holding a crayon
  • Child with decreased pencil grasp and pencil control
  • Child with undetermined hand dominance
  • Confusion with uppercase and lowercase letter
  • Lots of reversals with letters and numbers
  • Needs a positive change from print to cursive
  • Recent school or private evaluation recommended additional support
  • Finally, A frustrated child!

School Consultation

  • Professional Development services are offered to small or large groups on various topics related to teacher/parent ideas, preschool writing readiness, print and cursive instruction, as well as implementation.
  • On-site Tutoring

Below is a Handwriting Without Tears® grid displaying developmental skills that our Handwriting Help services can address during private tutoring or on-site tutoring from writing readiness to developing cursive skills.