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What kinds of Professional Development are offered?

Handwriting Help Services

Handwriting Help offers inservices year round to schools, Parent Teacher Organizations, and Homeschooling groups. Examples of professional development topics are:

  • Make 'n' Takes for Parents and Teachers
  • Implementation of Handwriting Without Tears® curriculum
  • Practical Summer Home ideas for Rising Kindergarten children

How do I know if my child needs tutoring?

Handwriting Help will quickly reply to your contact request to discuss your concerns about your child or student's handwriting development and legibility. A recommendation will be provided. Parents are asked to complete an initial Handwriting Information Form (see Resources) in order to customize the handwriting screening and any future tutoring sessions.

I have noticed that my child's grip is awkward. Can you help?

Assessing your child's crayon or pencil grasp is part of the initial screening. Recommendations can be provided based on these observations by an experienced occupational therapist, your child's age, writing experiences, and his or her motivation to change a grasp, if appropriate. In addition, fine motor skills, as well as letter and number formation are addressed.

My child has terrible print but is excited about cursive. Does he need to master print?

This is an excellent question where many factors are considered during the screening including: fine motor skills, visual motor skills, age/grade of child, past writing experiences, and his or her motivation to learn cursive. Cursive has many benefits and can be mastered with consistent practice with carryover from our sessions to home and school at the right age.

What does a initial Handwriting Help screening involve?

As an experienced handwriting tutor and handwriting specialist, Christine Cridland assesses developmentally the child's writing ability and compares the child's age, development, and typical school age expectations. For example, Christine Cridland observes how a preschooler imitates basic writing strokes, draws shapes, uses both hands, and how he or she grasps a crayon. For an older child, the assessment may involve analyzing the child's writing performance and comfort with print and cursive.

How can I plan, prepare, and participate?

Please contact Christine Cridland for private handwriting tutoring or school consultations. Handwriting tutoring sessions range from 30 to 45 minutes. At least six to eight consistent sessions are typically recommended. Sometimes, the duration is longer. Christine asks that you bring writing samples at the initial visit and on subsequent visits, please bring your completed homework.

Customized School Inservices range from 1 to 2 hours.

Are Parents & Teachers Involved?

Yes, parent participation is a must! Collaboration is encouraged! Referrals are welcomed and appreciated.

How do you measure progress during tutoring?

Handwriting Help completes a handwriting screening at the initial visit and establishes a baseline of skills and areas of need, whether it is at the Prek, Print, or Cursive level.

Goals are set and re-assessed on a regular basis.

Progress Notes and home recommendations are provided for each session. *Progress occurs faster with consistent home practice.

What are Handwriting Help's Policies & Pricing?

The initial screening session and tutoring sessions are set at the same fee. Please contact Christine Cridland at Handwriting Help for specific pricing regarding tutoring and/or school consultations. Checks and cash are accepted.

In addition, Handwriting Help now offers PayPal as a form of payment. If using PayPal, you may enter the provided amount and submit your payment easily and securely online.

A 24 hour cancellation policy is mandatory. Please view the current calendar for scheduling availability.

Can you bill my insurance company under Occupational Therapy services?

Handwriting Help is a tutoring business run by a school occupational therapist, however, handwriting tutoring is not a billable service. We can discuss if the services expand beyond handwriting tutoring.

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